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Bexar County Sheriff Allegedly Tases Honduran Teenager for 35 Seconds

ByJoshua Diaz-Bend

Jun 12, 2021
Image: Still Image Grabs from Bodycam footage of the alleged incident

June 11th, 2021 – A sheriff in Texas is under scrutiny this month for allegedly tasing a 16-year-old Honduran teen for more than 30 seconds at an Immigration Shelter Facility in Bexar County, Texas. After an incident involving the teen being unruly, employees had called 911 to resolve this issue.

When sheriffs arrived, they ordered the teen to put his hands behind his back knowing he could not speak or understand English. Officers Divers and Schneider were the first to make contact with the suspect. Officer Divers can be heard in the video stating, “I’m going to tase this kid!”, as he made his way towards the bathroom and the suspect.

They did not advise the teen that he was under arrest allegedly and that is when according to the video, they started tasing him for over 30 seconds without pausing. The teen pleaded with the deputies to stop tasing him and wanted to know where they were taking him. A family member who gave the name Auro Bogado to television reporters, wanted the nation to see the bodycam footage and stated they wanted to watch the footage, “To see this and know how some children are treated in custody.”.

Prior to the incident, employees had briefed Deputy Divers on the situation and that the teen had anger issues. Allegedly Divers had scoffed and responded, “Well, obviously.”, before entering the building to engage with the teenager. When Divers had finally the room, he found the teenager sitting in a bathroom and yelling in Spanish to the shelter employees.

“If they’re going to take me, let’s just f**king get it over with,”, the teenager yelled repeatedly, as depicted in Divers’ body camera footage.

After about seven minutes, Deputy Schneider had arrived to assist Divers in the arrest. Divers is heard stating to Schneider, “Ready? I’m going to tase this kid,”. He ordered the teen in English (oblivious to his language barriers) to stand up and turn around. The teen had apparently complied due to limited English comprehension, and as he was adjusting the drawstring on his pants, Divers began tasing the teen for about 35 seconds and the teen began to yell out in excruciating pain as he is taken to custody.

This type of behavior is disturbing especially now the violence is being directed to refugees/immigrants in federal custody. The incident will continue to cause further tensions between United States and the victim’s host country. We cannot continue to allow the corrupt police to give us a bad reputation as the world’s bully to the media. I personally reached out to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department for a statement and they referred me to their department’s media relations office. I am awaiting a response as of this article’s publishing.

The bodycam footage released by Reveal and DemocracyNow:

Joshua Diaz-Bend

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