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County Judge More Than Doubles The Bail For Accused Child Molesting D.A.R.E. Warminster Officer

ByJoshua Diaz-Bend

Apr 28, 2021
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April 28th, 2021 – A County Judge in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas raised the bail for accused child molester James Carey, 53, of Warminster Township April 20th after Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Schorn filed a motion on April 8th which was scheduled on the 12th by President Judge Wallace H. Bateman Jr. for April 20th at 1:30pm.

The Judge called the bail “woefully inadequate” because not only is he a flight risk but he is a danger to the community because of the number of victims, the span of the abuse (1988-2000) and the fact the courts allowed him to continue to carry his “Retired Officer Credentials” which allowed him to carry a weapon.

For District Judge Maggie Snow to not add surrendering his credentials and passport as a bail condition is grossly negligent on her part, because he could still be abusing other possible victims and could have used his legally possessed weapon to threaten them into sexual acts.

The 80-page grand jury presentment accuses Carey of using his status as a D.A.R.E. officer to “gain unique access to children.”

The Honorable Wallace Bateman elected to five-year term as Bucks County  President Judge | News | buckslocalnews.com
Image: Undated Photo of President Judge Wallace H. Bateman Jr.

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, known as D.A.R.E., uses officials like police officers to go into schools and talk to students about the dangers of drugs. The presentment, however, lists multiple accusations of Carey letting minors drink, smoke and do drugs around him.

Carey’s attorney Michael H. Applebaum said he hopes to have his name cleared when he gets to state his case in court.

If he is guilty of these charges, this would probably be the most heinous case involving an officer in the history of this county. It is finally good to see the paradigm shift begin to hold officer’s liable for their actions. I pray that the victims of this case will finally get the justice they need to close that dark chapter in their lives and move on.

Joshua Diaz-Bend

Joshua M. Diaz-Bend is the main author for Awakening The Globe. Started in Jan. 2014 and re-opened this year, we strive for impartiality in the news. Joshua is a Jewish-American freelance writer and outspoken critic to the Israeli government. He chooses not to call himself "anti-Zionist" or "anti-Semitic/self-hating Jew", and states, "I will criticize the Israeli government because the anti-Zionist label makes people assume I am against Israel's right to exist and I have never aligned myself with the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel that my people have yearned for, for a very long time." Joshua is also a freelance graphics and web site designer when he is not working on Awakening The Globe.