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Image: Troy McCoy and Shakerra Bonds Booking Photos (Bucks County District Attorney’s Office)

October 26th, 2021 – A Bucks County judge handed down the sentences to a New York couple for attacking a 17 year old Sesame Place employee in Langhorne, PA on Monday.

Troy McCoy was sentenced by Judge Wallace H. Bateman to five to ten years in state prison followed by two years of probation running concurrent with his state prison sentence. McCoy was also ordered to attend Anger Management courses and restitution in the amount of $48,478 to the victim.

Shakerra Bonds was given a county sentence of four to twenty-three months in Bucks County Correctional Facility with credit for time served for the three days she did in jail following her being bailed out. Bonds was also sentenced to a consecutive term of one year county probation.

Judge Bateman also ordered both of them not to contact the victim D.M. or the victim’s place of employment during the terms of their sentence. Even though the judge claimed that McCoy showed remorse, the judge made it clear that attacking the victim from behind and breaking his jaw showed a callous regard for the victim.

The victim, now 19 years old, said the attack has a feeling of constant anxiety the Doylestown Intelligencer reported. “My child did not deserve such a senseless beating, especially from two adults who have children themselves.” the victim’s mother told the courts.

Injuries including the victims jaw being broken in two places which resulted in his mouth having to be wired shut and being forced to a liquid diet for the duration of the jaw wire being in. The alleged motive for the attack was that the employee had advised the suspects to wear a mask for their COVID-19 policies in place at the park.

A witness and fellow employee described the attack as a “Hulk Smash” to the teen’s head. Testimony in court states McCoy put his hands around the neck of the victim while Bonds also struck another Sesame Place employee with her elbow during the melee.

News of this story reached nationwide due to the barbarity of the attack. Federal agents according to a Levittown Now article had to bring him into custody since it occurred in Pennsylvania. Federal officials arrived at their residence in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City and McCoy had allegedly barricaded himself in the home but eventually was taken into custody and extradited back to Pennsylvania to be arraigned.

Joshua Diaz-Bend

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