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Man accused of yelling at ‘Food Bank Patrons’ explains story behind video

ByJoshua Diaz-Bend

Mar 10, 2021

March 10th, 2021 – On February 18th, A man who yelled at people in a food drive line Thursday has been arrested for disorderly conduct.

Ryan Bryson, 46, booking photo (unknown agency)

Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies say they were called to a food distribution event held at a Buckeye school Thursday after reports of a man, later identified as 46-year-old Ryan Bryson, who was reportedly “yelling obscenities and degrading remarks to members of the community who were at the school for food distribution.”

The couple allegedly said they are struggling to find work right now and went to the church food drive in Buckeye to help feed their four children.

Instead, they claimed they were left traumatized after they say a man, later identified as 46-year-old Ryan Bryson, was in a truck and drove by and told them all to get a job.

To make matters worse for Mr. Bryson, Arizona’s Family News Station published a statement by a man claiming to be Ryan Bryson, when I contacted their news desk about this error, they simply hung up on me. I have tried numerous times to reach out to Emma Lockhart for comment and got no response or calls returned.

Arizona’s Family spoke with the man who claims to be the person in the video. He said he is the owner of High Side Electric in Buckeye. The company name was seen on the truck the man was driving. He told us he stands by what he said and that,” those people need to go to work. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Source: azfamily.com

I reached out to Ryan Bryson of High Side Electric, LLC in Buckeye, AZ to get his side of the story. To say this does not shock me is an understatement:


I really don’t want to speak to the local news.

That video is cut short for a good reason. I only hope the full video exist. (Not that I was acting appropriate)

It turns out I am being charged a class 1 misdemeanor, for fighting. Apparently they can just change the definition of fighting to cover arguing.

I cross a inner immigration check point often, due to a contract I am trying to complete. 

Sometime they make small talk ask if I’m a citizen and tell me to have a good day, and off I go. Other times they just wave me through with out saying anything.

A few weeks ago there was a woman agent there and she asked me where I was headed and I said home, she looked at me and said where is home. I said buckeye, She said what is your address.

I told her its none of her business, I’m a U.S. Citizen, I have crossed no international borders in over a year. She told me that they need to know where all the construction workers are coming from and going to.

It felt like they were calling me a third-class citizen. So I stood my ground and said I’m not telling you and that’s my right. She looked at the side of my truck and said I see the address on the side so you can go.

Two weeks later one of my Employees was driving and I was in the passenger seat she looked at me and said, “Oh you again.”. I told her we’re us citizens and that’s all I’m telling you. She said leave and so we did.

Then the next week my incident happened. The deputy arrested me at my house while I was cooking for my daughter. Later, I asked him why he arrested me instead of just writing a citation, and I was told it is because I exercised my 5th amendment, and if I had just told him everything I would have been written a citation.

Friday, I crossed the check point and the female agent was there. Again I was the passenger. She started yelling, “Here is the guy who yelled at me”. The driver who is very timid and young told the other agents he never yelled, and I told the other agents I’m a U.S. citizen and have crossed no international borders. She looked around and wasn’t getting the attention she was seeking and yelled at me to leave.

I have to cross that check point again this Friday and I am afraid I will be arrested if she is there, but it’s a six hour drive around.

I’m losing my faith in this country. 

Ryan Bryson via email (March 7th, 2021)
Edited footage of the alleged confrontation between food bank patrons and Ryan Bryson (February 18th, 2021)

When the news decides to print their own version of reality, that is when it becomes a duty to report the truth. I believe wholeheartedly this video was taken way out of context and to jam up the criminal court system with issues like this burden the cases that need the most attention. I am not justifying what he did was right or moral, but it is not criminal.

There has to be some political agenda behind this incident. Because I feel if it was anyone else, this would not have been given so much media attention which led to his arrest by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.

There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying.

– Robert Evans

Joshua Diaz-Bend

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