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Prosecutors finally charge Ex-NYPD Officer with brutal assault on Capitol Police Officer

ByJoshua Diaz-Bend

Feb 27, 2021
Still from footage showing Thomas Webster at the US Capitol Protests on January 6th

February 27th, 2021 – Federal Justice Department prosecutors have formally charged, Thomas Webster, a retired New York Police Department officer, on Tuesday for allegedly using a metal pole to brutally assault a Capitol Police officer during the attempted insurrection at the US Capitol building on January 6th of this year.

The Chief Prosecutor Benjamin Gianforti told media outlets that, Webster, 52, turned himself into the FBI field office in New York’s Hudson Valley at 2:35 p.m.

Southern District of New York Federal Justice Andrew E. Krause seen in the top right of this photo holds his virtual arraignment advising him of his charges

Southern District of New York Judge Andrew E. Krause said that investigators showed him police body cam video, and videos posted online, claiming that Webster is the individual seen in them attacking police.

Recounting what’s in the body cam video of the incident, Gianforti told the court in a virtual hearing Tuesday based in White Plains, New York, that Webster is seen allegedly attacking a police officer with an aluminum pole that had a Marine Corps flag fixed on it.

Afterward, Gianforti claimed that Webster is then seen in the video allegedly beating the officer with his hands, ripping their gear off, which “caused the police officer to choke,” because it “cut off [the officer’s] air for a short period of time.”

“Webster showed an utter lack of compassion,” Gianforte summed up. “He goes after that cop like a junkyard dog. Teeth bared. Fists clenched.”

The prosecutor also said that Webster is apparently heard on body cam footage with statements to the victim, “a f—ing piece of s–t” and “commie mother f—er.”.

Webster has been charged with assaulting police officers with a deadly weapon, obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder, knowingly entering a restricted area, disorderly conduct in a restricted area, engaging in physical violence in a restricted area and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Southern District of New York Judge Andrew E. Krause said that investigators showed him police body cam video, and videos posted online, claiming that Webster is the individual seen in them attacking police.

In describing the video further, Krause said that as the man that prosecutors say is Webster swings the pole it “hits the metal barricade in front of the officer multiple times,” and that afterward, “that pole is bent beyond recognition.”

However, Gianforti said the Justice Department replayed the 10 minutes of footage taken by the police body cam before the alleged assault repeatedly, and found “nothing in there that suggests that Mr. Webster was struck by this officer or any other officer.”.

Krause approved the Justice Department’s request for Webster to be detained before his trial. I believe, he could is a flight risk, a clear and present danger to the community, and likely to repeat his offense; if released.

Krause made clear that he did not think Webster was a flight risk and that he could appeal the bail decision to the appropriate appellate court. This was decided in regards of his service to the country in the Marines, and his decades of public service to the city of New York.

Webster has another court proceeding tentatively schedule for March 3rd, 2021.

Joshua Diaz-Bend

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